Building My Wings

As I begin my new journey of writing full-time, I know something about a word that we all deal with every day. It's the word fear. For such a small word, it packs an incredible punch. I find almost any excuse I can think of that will prevent me from doing things I'm afraid of. I might watch a movie, go out with friends, read a book, complete household tasks, or even clean the house (which is saying something because that’s never on top of my to-do list). Avoidance and distraction are great deterrents. But neither of them diminishes my fears nor makes them disappear. So, why do I try so hard to keep my fears at bay? And, why don’t I want anyone to even know that I have them? The answer of course is fear: fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of rejection. Those are all pretty big motivators for keeping my life status-quo. For if everything stays the same, I can avoid the biggest fear of all, change.

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