Creative Seeds

With the vernal equinox right around the corner, many of us are anxious for the warmer days of spring. This is particularly true for those of us who just experienced the big winter snowstorm in the Northeast. We are ready to trade in the icy snow for some fresh green grass. 

What is it about spring that makes many of us yearn for this season to begin?  Spring ushers in a time of new beginnings, fertile soil, and tremendous growth. It is a time of great excitement and possibility. As the daylight returns, so does our hope for new beginnings in our lives.

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal where we clear out the old in order to make room for the new. We clean out our closets, dust off the blinds, and till up the soil all in anticipation of new beginnings. But this type of “spring cleaning” isn’t limited to our homes and our yards. We can also do this with our old habits and fears. We can release all the things that are no longer serving our dreams or our visions for the future. Many of us have old habits or fears that we would like to get rid of — things that are holding us back. Perhaps we have a lack of confidence, lingering self-doubts, fears of what others may think of us, or a negative outlook on life. Springtime is the perfect time to release those fears and let them go. It is not always easy, but even acknowledging the existence of those fears is an important step.  When we acknowledge them, we can begin to face them and release their power over us. We can “weed out” the old and start fresh again. This enables us to bring more positivity, acceptance, and kindness into our lives. We evolve and grow, a true time of rebirth and renewal. 

Spring is also a time to plant seeds of creativity in our projects and visions for the upcoming year. Creativity is an important part of our lives. All of us have ideas within us that want to be expressed. This becomes possible when we take some time to reflect upon our visions or projects for the upcoming year. What are we wanting to create in our lives? Maybe we want to start new hobbies, further expand our businesses, spend more time in nature, or find more time for mediation or creativity in our daily routines. Whatever it may be, we want to think about the visions we have for our future. Envision those ideas and feel their emotions. Believe that they will happen, and they will. 

Spring is a wonderful season of rebirth and renewal. This week, take some time to reflect upon your creative visions for the upcoming year. What is it you want to create most in your life? Once you have done this, go to the store and purchase a pack of seeds — flowers, vegetables, herbs — it doesn’t matter. Plant these seeds in the soil outside or in a small pot in your home. These seeds represent the “creative seeds” of your projects or visions for the upcoming year. Water them regularly. As they begin to sprout and grow, may they remind you that you, too, have the power to create your dreams. You are a powerful Creator in this world. Once you release your fears and embrace your creativity, you can manifest anything you desire. Watch your plants grow and know that when you nourish your ideas and visions, they, too, will come to life in extraordinary ways.

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