Dance the Night Away

Music can reach us in deep and meaningful ways. Its melodies can stir our very souls emitting every range of emotion. Music can make us laugh, and it can make us cry. It can even take us back to simpler times. When we hear certain songs on the radio, they remind us of places we have been or people we have known. One song can take us back to a time in our lives that we had long forgotten. Music moves us in powerful ways. It can reconnect us with our past and inspire us for our future. And music can even change the way we feel. Uplifting music can bring smiles to the glummest faces, and even our angriest emotions can be calmed when we listen to gentle, soothing melodies. Through music we feel all our emotions, and that is how it helps us heal. 
In my life, music has a powerful effect upon my writing. Whenever I sit down at my computer, I play calming, meditative music. The melodies center me, and the music enables the words I am writing to flow almost effortlessly. It’s as though the music helps me connect with my thoughts on an unconscious level, enabling the inspiration to flow and preventing me from getting stuck in my own head. Completely free and unblocked, I write from my soul – the place from where true inspiration comes.
Many of us spend a great deal of time stuck in our heads. But music enables us to become grounded and connected with our bodies once again. When we feel the beat of the drums or move to the music’s rhythms, we get out of our heads and into our hearts. Singing is the perfect example of this. When we fervently sing a song without any fear of judgment, it can be a very freeing experience. Belting out a song, particularly one we’ve completely made up, can be one of the most liberating experiences of all. Then when we add the movement of our hips or arms into the mix, we feel even better. Movement and music allow us to fully express ourselves.
When we move to the beats of the music and feel its rhythms deep within our souls, we begin to understand its healing power. Our worries and doubts start to fade away – as though they aren’t quite as important anymore. The music connects with our souls, and we are free. It’s as though the melodies stir something deep within us, enabling us to express all of our emotions, even the ones we have hidden beneath the surface. We can feel everything and believe it’s totally safe to express ourselves. For example, song lyrics often originate from the deepest part of ourselves when all of our emotions pour out onto the page, fully expressed. It’s an exercise in vulnerability and healing. The music comes from deep within, stirring our souls and helping them become alive once again.
This week, listen to all kinds of music. How do the different songs make you feel? Do your moods change based on the music you listen to? When you allow yourself to truly feel the beat of the drums, does it help you get out of your head and into your body? Is the music inspiring? Try belting a song from the top of your lungs or writing lyrics from your heart. Feel the way music connects with your soul and enables you to fully express yourself. Music lets you feel, and it helps you heal. It works in powerful ways when we step back and let it do its magic. Whether it’s a little rock n’ roll or a little classical or a little country, pick your favorite, turn up the music, and dance the night away. 

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