Dance in the Flow of Life

Excitement brimming, my kids finished their last day of school this past Friday. We celebrated the occasion with frozen yogurt, Subway sandwiches, and a movie. (Yes, that was what they wanted to do. :) But for them, the best part is that summer is finally here with all its freedom and fun. They have been looking forward to it for so long, and the wait is finally over. What is it that makes summer so exciting? Maybe it's the change of pace, the frequent visits to Dairy Queen, the possibility of sleeping in every morning, or the break from routine. Whatever it is, summer is their favorite time of year! And I must admit, it’s mine too. But not just because of the ice cream. Summer is a time of awakening and a time of renewal. With the flowers in full bloom, the beauty all around us can serve as a reminder of the beauty that also lies within each of us.

Summer is the most active of seasons. It’s a time to ignite our passions and bring our thoughts into fruition. The warmer weather and abundant flowers instill a yearning in us to express ourselves. Our creativity comes to light as we explore new hobbies or re-discover the things we love to do. We take action and follow our hearts. Summer’s radiant beauty awakens our senses and encourages us to dance in the flow of life – to appreciate our beauty within. Through living our passions, we can discover who we truly are. We can fully live our lives. Writing is a passion of mine and during this active season of summer, my novel, The Refuge, will finally be released. It has been a six-year journey, and I’m thrilled to have it available this July on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through my publisher, SDP Publishing. It truly is a dream come true and is no coincidence that its release comes during this season of awakening.

Although summer is an active season, it is also a time to take care of ourselves and reflect upon those passions we love. We can spend time tending our flower gardens or take a walk in the woods. We can build sandcastles at the beach or watch a brilliant sunset. We can read a book while sipping iced tea or sit around the fire gazing up at the stars. It is a time to do what we love and love what we do. During this season of renewal, I will be taking a hiatus from writing my blog, so I too can rest and renew. I wish all of you a wonderful summer and look forward to resuming my blog in the fall.

As this summer is upon you, take the opportunity to live out your passions. Discover what you love to do and express yourself. Dust off that paint set or dig up those gardening tools. Spend time in nature and awaken your senses. Connect with yourself and relax in the warm sunshine. Ignite your passions and dance in the flow of life. And finally, appreciate your inner beauty and listen to your heart. Live every day to its fullest and enjoy this amazing season!

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